Off to Craftcation

Have you ever thought about selling at craft fairs or online but really wanted a friend or someone to help guide the way?

Craftcation is a long weekend in April every year (we shall not talk about '19-21 those were hard years for everyone) in Ventura, CA at the beach Marriot. It's part craft vacation and part business school.  The link below is the write up I did after my first trip there. It was amazing the motel 6 less so but it was my only option at the time.

A woman reaches up to look at a pennant banner hanging over a double hotel room. there are quilts and pillows on the bed made by a quilt guild
One of the wanderings room in 2019, a night of curated hotel rooms
A group of women with yellow lanyards sit on a hotel lounge u shaped couch and are smiling at the camera.
This is just the crafting group from Los Angeles in 2019

I am heading back there this weekend, and while we are still in the midst of a global crisis we have the proper mitigation strategies in place for the local health authorities, and hope for the best. I am so grateful for the community the organizers and volunteers work so hard to make possible.

A woman with teal hair and earrings takes an overhead shot on the second floor of a large group of people in the lobby of a hotel
2019 Jess Griffin taking the conference group shot, I think I was in class in the secret classroom

While I am SURE there will be differences and changes to this year’s experience, I am so excited to be back in the creative energy of the conference. From social media, business topics to how to use a Gelli plate the weekend has so many things to offer it’s attendees.

Where and what do you do to recharge your creative batteries?

May your bobbin always be full signature sign off