The Cindy Swim Suit by BurdaStyle


I made this swim suit long before I started blogging my sewing adventures so I have no photographic evidence, I’m pretty sure it was while I was still operating RitualBath, so blogging was natural bath and beauty related. However this swimsuit showed up in my inbox this morning and I wanted to write it a quick love note.

The Cindy from BurdaStyle, when that website was my only outlet for pdf on demand sewing patterns. Oh how far we have come my indies! First off I did have to grade this a bit as I was a size 16-18 at the time. I made it in a gorgeous burgundy swim lycra from JoAnn’s because I didn’t know any better at the time. Before I go into the problem areas and how I think they can be fixed let me just say, I felt SMOKIN HOT in this swim suit.

Now I didn’t actually do any of these alterations, they are what my wearing experience taught me of the suit. This is the bad boy that when wet was too heavy and flashed my boobs to a pool full of vacationing people in Las Vegas, true story.


See where that halter neck band goes? There is no support at the top of that suit, no stays, boning or cups. It may have well been called a roman shade for how fast it went down. But my social embarrassment can be your benefit, I’m all about sharing and learning. For every bust line, all we need to do is make a wider halter strap that starts at side boob and ends right before apex. Structural support is important for all boobies.


Next up the bodice ruching (yes spell check it is a word). In the instructions at the time the inside lining was faced with the same swimwear lycra as the body. This was important because you could see the lining at the cups, but with the alteration above that should not be a problem. Also using the same swim wear lycra makes the front very heavy, when wet, I know. Now if you alter the straps maybe you don’t need to adjust the lining because you have more support now, but if not use a light weight nude swimwear/dancewear lining.

I just wanted to share as a curvy plus size lady it can be hard to find swim suits that make you feel good. This was one of the winners, even if it included a peep show.

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  1. Hi Lauren, many thanks for this information! I bought this pattern a VERY long time ago, printed it and didn’t do anything with it. But I’m hoping to buy some fabric tomorrow and finally make it! So I really appreciated your suggestions about choosing a lighter lining material. Would you also recommend a bit of boning on the sides seams? Many thanks, Ari x

  2. Ari, I think some light boning or even cups would be helpful. The neck line has a bow shape and no underlying support as it was written. The placement of the strap and boning might be enough of an adjustment, Hope you share how it went.

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