Dye when in doubt

I have often gone to fabric dye when things go south. Wash my new cardigan with something that bleeds, I wrap it in rubber bands and dye away the unwanted color. Pantone says that your sunshine yellow skirt is “so out” add it to a dye bath and bring it into this season. So why not dye elastics that don’t match?

I have elastics from online sources, thrift stores, estate sales (#1 tip: always test recovery before buying if you can) and now downtown LA but that’s another post. Sometimes you just want a color you don’t have in that assortment. For my second Marlborough bra by Orange Lingerie (and by second I mean second wearable one there were many before, just keep stitching) they all needed to be dark brown or black. While this wasn’t something I was dreading, I had dyed some elastics for the Watson bra by Cloth Habit and it worked great. This project was filled with happy accidents, I should have labeled the dyes I had already opened because powdered orange dye looks a lot like brown, oops!

Brown dye in the top bag and orange in the second, both mixed together in the pot.


Well as you can see in the photo the dye bath still dyes the elastics a rich brown. I used Jacquard Products iDye Poly I have used their colors for all my synthetic dying and have been very happy. I have an enamel pot that I thrifted and use only for dyeing. After boiling everything for 45 minutes I took it over to the sink and rinsed under cool water. Once most of the dye was rinsed out I put it in a mesh lingerie bag and washed it with laundry detergent on gentle, then hung to dry.

Elastics, bra channeling, underwear and bra clasps all deep brown.

This was the most accident ridden dye project, adding the wrong colors and adding a pair of nude underwear that wasn’t planned to be brown. It was all fine in the end, all the elastics and materials took up the color beautifully. So if you have been wanting that lovely chartreuse green in your notions stash to go with a fun print you can’t wait to make into a set of great underwear, DO IT! Even accident prone me managed a great outcome, you could too.