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  • Sewing Machine buying

    Sewing Machine buying

    I’m going to say something that may be counter intuitive to my ethos: Don’t buy that sewing machine. What?! I thought she was a sewing teacher and trying to get more folks sewing. I am and I do with a caveat. I don’t want you to buy the mini sewing machine or that hand held…

  • Using a basic block EasyT to create a dress

    Using a basic block EasyT to create a dress

    I was gifted the class the EasyT by a few years ago. I created woven and knit teeshirts and dresses cut to my own measurements. When my mind wandered to caftans thanks to the hashtag Caftans and cocktails it came up with a shape I couldn’t quite find in a store bought or indie…

  • Washi Dress Expansion Pack

    Washi Dress Expansion Pack

    Wow it is so hard to photograph navy sheer brocade! But I think it was finally managed. Having sewn the original Washi Dress pattern with a successful full bust adjustment or FBA, and loved the shape on me I was ready for more. So when Rae of Made by Rae, gifted the expansion pack for…