About Me

Lauren's face smiling at the camera

Well Hi there. My name is Lauren and you may be wondering, who and why? I built a small batch bath and body company, rebranded it, moved it across the continental USA and continued to vend in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the US. I was like the clown car at the circus, I was able to pack a PT cruiser for a two day craft show, unload, set up my tent, table and product in under an hour, alone. But life rolls along, and our priorities changed, and so I shuttered my bath company. I often wonder how it might have been different if I had a bigger business support circle like I do now.

Lauren smiling at the camera in front of her RitualBath set up at UniqueLA
Unique LA sometime in the early to mid 2000’s
Lauren behind her table of RitualBath lotions and soaps at the SilverLake Ghetto Gloss sponsored flea market
Ghetto Gloss Vintage and Craft fair in Glendale I think

I kept up my creative muscles strong by continuing to sew, design logos and branding material here in my local community through word of mouth.  I was trained in Graphic Design and Art education and have an AS in Graphic Design Tech and a BS in Art Education. I love using the visual problem solving that graphic design offers. While in college for those degrees I worked my way through teaching fabric and crafts at a big box retailer. 

Like the challenge of creating good graphic design, I love listening to people talk about their business and why they like to do what they do. From media communication, graphic design, UI experiences to sewing classes, I use all my experience and Lauren’ness to help folks reach their goals.

Title card for LaurenDurrDesign youtube channel on how to create a full bust adjustment, Lauren is smiling at the camera while pointing to a drawing of the alteration in the vogue sewing book
Fitting your sewing pattern to your body with a full bust adjustment
Group photo of ambassadors for Craftcation 19' smiling at the camera.
My second Craftcation as an ambassador with this amazing crew.